Farewell to Bayles

Promise of Peace Gardens has enjoyed the community and successful impact at Bayles Elementary Garden. From Random Acts of Flowers to community workdays, and tremendous support  of State Farm and SMU Mustang Heroes volunteers, POP was able to impact over 500 families and numerous community members.

"The Farm to Table Jingle Bayles" event was one of the most inspiring food celebrations at a school that I have ever witnessed." Bayles Elementary Parent"
Bayles Elementary
"I had no idea where a carrot came from or how sweet they could taste. Now, my family grows our own!"
Bayles Elementary

The Bayles P.O.P. Garden was established in the spring of 2016.

Bayles Elementary has over 500 families who will benefit from fresh produce and cooking classes in our “Seed-to-Soul” program that promotes making better food choices and gaining access to that food.

P.O.P. delivers seed-to-table education and hands-on experiences on a weekly basis where teachers and students integrate the math, science, literacy and health concepts within the context of the garden!

Bayles POP Garden