Dear P.O.P. Friends,

Thank you for your continued support. As we begin to build two new gardens, we want to establish a strategic model where we can build more gardens for those who want to transform a vacant or under-utilized space into a thriving space for people to gather and grow. If you can help in any way with our efforts please consider joining us.

Our work matters. It matters to families who have limited access to REAL food. Today, many children are overfed and undernourished. Our work matters to anyone who wants a healthy, safe future for his or her kids and grandkids. Chef Graham Dodds is our new Food Ambassador and will assist us in introducing hundreds of families to real and delicious food.

There is one thing that makes all the difference in whether we succeed or fail: You. You can donate on the pay pal button and help us in our work to create the kind of world we all want to live in. Your continued generosity allows us to keep pushing for more gardens in underutilized spaces and more programming for the kids. We are ready to greet the New Year with renewed energy and commitment. So thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Please donate on PayPal button today.

Again, thank you for your generous support of this important work.

Elizabeth J. Dry,
Executive Director
Promise of Peace Community Gardens

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