Mission Statement

Promise of Peace is a nonprofit seeking simple solutions for stagnant circumstances in our urban communities. Our presence helps to increase healthy life styles, school success, as well as positive engagement while transforming perspectives.

By providing access to horticultural and environmental education, our participants gain sense of place and respect for their community. Our new initiative, “Plant It Forward,” a gardens path – will create gardens across Dallas, and beyond!



Programs and Services:

  • We will establish and maintain “Life Lines” for living the best life within East Dallas,
  • We will offer neighborhood nights where a Neighborhood association adopts a day in the garden to hold a fundraiser,
  • We will deliver three-week Junior Master Gardening classes that include photography and art experiences I during the fall, spring, and summer seasons,
  • We will encourage community involvement and contribution through our service projects,
  • We will provide opportunities for families to access a better life through participating in our cooking and gardening classes.
  • By disseminating knowledge through a wide array of community events, people will become more inspired to pursue a healthy and happy life.