The Promise of Peace (P.O.P.) Gardens was established in 2009 as an effort to bring diverse groups of people together on common ground while connecting to nature and learning to grow REAL food and then to celebrate that food as we shared the harvest. The mission of P.O.P. is to create equal access to nutritious food for all children and their families. We transform vacant places into thriving growing spaces where our programming empowers and broadens perspectives. Our motto is, “Sow, Grow, Know,” as our current focus is providing a solution for hunger with our “Seed to Soul” program. P.O.P. will demonstrate how much food one can grow in 3 square feet and then show how that food can be shared through building relationships, and delivering cooking classes for families nominated by classroom teachers. February 16th will be our first Seed to Soul (StS) session where six families and their children will gather in our newly renovated garden portable at Bayles Elementary to harvest some red cabbage and cilantro to use for garden-to-table crispy tacos. They will receive a bi-lingual recipe card and 10 lbs of locally sourced produce after attending two classes and at least one hour of garden volunteer service. 

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