Promise of Peace gardens has recruited a handful of interns. The goal is to teach them about the importance of food equity and gardening skills to produce healthy foods by their own efforts. POP has been investing time into these young people hoping to create members of the next generation capable of advocating for greater equality in access to food.

We are now seeking sponsorship for these interns. We are looking for individuals and teams that will commit to a six month agreement.

volunteer aide

Aide, age 18

“Working at the POP Farm has taught me to grow with diverse community members . It has taught me how to contribute to food Equity in my community.”

volunteer jair

Jair, age 11

“Working here on the farm has taught me how to be part of a solution. Our community needs this.”

volunteer laura

Laura, age 16

“Working on the POP Farm I’ve learned that you can grow anything with a lot of love and effort.”

Alejandro, age 14

“I want to be a better person and grow tomatoes successfully

volunteer jocelyn

Jocelyn, age 16

“The farm has taught me where the vegetables that I eat come from. It has given me new healthy choices , and appreciation for the access to healthy food.”

Whats GROWing on with our Interns

Cauliflower of winter 2020

POP youth interns are planning, preparing and delivering a fall harvest Sunday Supper at Saint Rocco’s New York Italian at Trinity Groves.

This event will reflect inclusive unity in the community – all spearheaded by the youth!

We are so excited to see thier community activism bring people together for the first time since the new development occurred.

Our Interns harvesting the papalo seeds to save for the next warm season. Papalo is a summer growing cilantro like herb – they are also collecting the leaves for their  SIF sweet potato chili recipe !

Four of our SMU Mustang Hero volunteers working along side of our youth interns.