A Tradition That Encompasses Humanity- With Loads of Love and Wholesome Fun

The Okrapalooza Tradition- Building Communities Together

Okrapalooza began in the Promise of Peace Gardens first location on East Grand Ave with three celebrity chefs and two home cooks. The food and music festival began with a simple authentic intention – to engage the community and to introduce them to lovely creative recipes that were locally sourced , delicious and nutrition rich ! It was the most beautiful experience that encompassed humanity with loads of love and wholesome fun. After three years, we were invited to hold the annual event at The Lot- every year it just seems to get better. On the 10th anniversary we held Okrapalooza Farmstock on the Reeves Family Farm in Princeton , Texas . In the middle of the okra field a dinner like no other was held the night before the festival . It was truly magnificent !
In 2020, we invited 50 guests to gather at BrainDead Brewing for a socially responsible smaller Okrapalooza . Everyone had a wonderful time and felt safe . The 12th Okrapalooza is coming in 2021 and we will have the festival at the historical Cotton Mill in McKinney on September 12th with 12 Chefs!

Community Engagement with Locally Sourced Food