Promise of Peace has established and sustained 12 gardens across Dallas making a deep impact on over 5,000 families. Presently we have one working farm at Trinity Groves where we have created a model for all food gardens to emulate . Promise of Peace will offer Garden Aide to this who wish to increase engagement and impact with their gardens. We offer seasonal consultation. We can help a starting garden locate resources, come up with strategies to engage community, and implement our signature educational components that will restore and transform the way we live and learn together.

POP Gardens built by the People for the People- all people.

La Bajada POP Farm

Currently, we are growing in the LaBajada neighborhood at Trinity Groves. It is our most successful garden to date. We at Promise of Peace hope to have other gardens in the future modeled after this location.

Youth interns and community members grow a variety of seasonal ingredients to share and incorporate into our Soup It Forward Kits each month. At this garden location, we have volunteer opportunities, classes to grow edibles in small spaces, and garden tours.

The Belmont

Promise of Peace Garden is thrilled to announce its 12th garden installation at the Belmont Hotel! The veggie garden will grow to provide backyard veggies for the Belmont Room restauraunt expcected to open in December of 2019. There will be a beautiful farm table next to the garden honoring Kathleen Stewart for lovely dinners and educational purposes. We are delighted to begin this journey with Chef Josh Harmon and owner Jordan Ford.

Fannie C. Harris Youth Center

We had a garden at the Fannie C. Harris Youth Center more information will be coming soon.

Vogel Alcove

We are so proud to have a year at Vogel Alcove, where we got the garden growing more produce to put on the plates of their precious children. We also cultivated young lovers of fresh clean food, who are eating clean veggies right off the vine.

“Now at meal times, the children all savor the flavor and say ‘Oooh la la’ like they learned to do from Miss Elizabeth.” – Vogel Alcove teacher

“I want to make food soil and grow my own food when I grow up” – 3-year-old gardener

Vogel Alcove provides a broad array of therapeutic services for children who are experiencing homelessness in the Dallas, TX area.

vogel alcove garden

The MAC Artist Dye Garden, 2017

Promise of Peace Gardens installed six , 12x 4’ raised beds for local artist to grow “dye” plants.

Emmanuel Garden

Promise of Peace Gardens launched its food pantry garden at the Emmanuel Lutheran Church in the spring of 2016. Many volunteers and comunity members came together to install and sustain this magical garden. The garden produced enough food to share with hundreds of people living in a food dessert. It was a very humbling experience to serve where community members slept on cardboard in the garden. And it was amazing how each and every homeless person that we spoke with understood the importance of a garden. They seemed to know that it could make the difference that we all need.

Bayles Garden

Promise of Peace Gardens has enjoyed the community and successful impact at Bayles Elementary Garden. From Random Acts of Flowers to community workdays, and the tremendous support  of State Farm and SMU Mustang Heroes volunteers, POP was able to impact over 500 families and numerous community members.

The Bayles P.O.P. Garden was established in the spring of 2016.Bayles Elementary has over 500 families who will benefit from fresh produce and cooking classes in our “Seed-to-Soul” program that promotes making better food choices and gaining access to that food.P.O.P. delivers seed-to-table education and hands-on experiences on a weekly basis where teachers and students integrate the math, science, literacy and health concepts within the context of the garden!

“The Farm to Table Jingle Bayles” event was one of the most inspiring food celebrations at a school that I have ever witnessed.”

Bayles Elementary Parent

“I had no idea where a carrot came from or how sweet they could taste. Now, my family grows our own!”

Bayles Elementary Student

Agape Garden

We will be sharing stories of Agape Garden in the near future.

Imagine Garden

The Imagine Garden, a thriving community garden, was built on top of a parking lot at White Rock United Church in East Dallas with over 200 volunteers over three months. For three years, POP served over 250 community members, over 500 children and youth with seed to soul programming, cooking classes, garden art, and farm to table dinners as we connected with hundreds of community members and organizations, with the support of more than 1,500 volunteers!

First POP Garden

The first Promise of Peace garden was at 7446 East Grand Ave. In the summer of 2009, Elizabeth Dry had a vision of transforming a vacant lot into a thriving green space where diversity could  gather and grow fresh lovely food while connecting and getting to know each other for who they really were. A place where people became co creators of a better tomorrow, where access to healthy food and quality education was increased and where dreams could grow! And so it was that the Promise of Peace Gardens was born.